Governor Bentley signs Women’s Health and Safety Act

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) – On Tuesday morning, Governor Robert Bentley signed the Women’s Health and Safety Act. The Act is a measure that will improve and strengthen the standards of care at women’s clinics in Alabama.

“As a physician, and as a governor, I am proud to sign this legislation,” Governor Bentley said.  “This bill provides appropriate standards of care…This is a key piece of legislation in the House Republican Agenda, and I am honored to stand with legislative leaders and sign this bill.”

Governor Bentley was joined by the bill’s sponsors and legislative leadership during a signing ceremony at the State Capitol. Those involved included Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey. Ivey said after the signing,  “We can’t ban abortion—that’s a federal issue that’s been confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court—but at the state level, we can regulate and control unsafe health practices.  I support the Legislature’s efforts to restrict the operation of unsafe clinics to help ensure a woman’s health.”

To hear from more of the bill’s sponsors, check out the full press release attached below.


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