Tips to avoid common tax filing mistakes

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT)– Here are some tips from the IRS to avoid common mistakes when preparing your taxes.

– Filing electronically, whether through E-file or IRS free file, vastly reduces tax return errors.

– Make sure to mail a paper return to the right address.

– Take a close look at the tax tables, and be sure to use the correct column.

– Fill in all requested information clearly.  Also, check only one filing status and the appropriate exemption boxes.

– Get the right routing and account numbers.

– Don’t forget to sign and date the return. If filing a joint return, both spouses must sign and date the return. E-filers can sign with a pin that they select.

– Attach all required forms, and keep a copy of the return.

– If you can’t meet the April 15 deadline, and you request a filing extension., that will prevent late filing penalties. However, tax payments are still due April 15.

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