Jacksonville State’s Alan Bonner Picked in 6th Round

Alan Bonner (Jacksonville State University)

NEW YORK, NY (WIAT) – Jacksonville State wide receiver Alan Bonner became the first Gamecocks player to be selected in the NFL Draft since 1991. To give some perspective, Bonner was 1 year old in 1991. The Houston Texans used their 195th pick in the 6th round to select the 5-11, 168 pound play-maker. He is also just the 8th player to ever be selected from Jacksonville State.

Alan Bonner vs. Florida (JSU)
Alan Bonner vs. Florida (JSU)

“It’s been a long journey and it’s just a blessing,” Bonner said Saturday after learning of his draft selection.  “I was just playing the waiting game for the last few hours and I was just filled with joy when I saw my name on the screen.”

“I’m just so excited to have the opportunity to continue my playing career,” said Bonner.  “I’m ready to take my game to a whole another level,” added Bonner.

Bonner is JSU’s all-time leader in career punt return yards (972) & punt returns (87). He finished his career with 20 receiving touchdowns and 1986 receiving yards.

Via Jacksonville State SID:








Alan Bonner WR Houston Texans 2013 6 195
Darrell Malone DB Kansas City Chiefs 1991 6 162
David Gulledge QB Washington Redskins 1991 11 299
Eric Davis DB San Francisco 49ers 1990 2 53
Orlando Adams DT Philadelphia Eagles 1990 10 273
Keith McKeller TE Buffalo Bills 1987 9 227
Jesse Baker DE Houston Oilers 1979 2 50
David Robinson TE Kansas City Chiefs 1971 4 94

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