Top Medical Stories for Monday, May 6th

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT)– Here are today’s top medical stories from our partners at Ivanhoe Communications.

Slowing Mental Decay By Playing a Video Game! Research from the University of Iowa has found that people who are 50 and older who played only ten hours of a game priming their mental processing skills and speed delayed declines by seven years in cognitive skills.

Bypassing Blocked Arteries to Grow New Ones Researchers from the Yale School of Medicine and University College London (UCL) have uncovered the molecular pathway by which new arteries may form after heart attacks, strokes, and other acute illnesses bypassing arteries that are blocked.

Kids At-Risk of Becoming Psychopaths According to a new study, the brains of children with conduct problems under-react to images of other people in pain. Researchers believe this atypical brain activity may be a neurobiological risk factor for psychopathy later in the children’s lives.

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