Domestic Violence Arrest in Moundville

MOUNDVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) A Moundville man is behind bars tonight after a fight with a female leads to a call to the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Tactical team.

It happened overnight in the 12000 Block of County Line Road.

Witnesses told police the suspect was seen getting physical with a female.

The tactical unit responded to put an end the situation, but the suspect refused to come out.  That’s when the tactical squad pulled out the big guns, and broke into the home using “Bearcat,” the department’s armored truck.  That prompted a response from the suspect, who then came out.

He was then turned over to Moundville police.

Tuscaloosa Police Chief, Ron Abernathy said he’s glad they could help Moundville police with this potentially volatile situation, “I’m glad we were able to resolve this situation without anyone being harmed while assisting our law enforcement partners.”

The man, who’s identity is being withheld released until Monday is being held on third degree domestic violence charges.

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