Cullman PD stresses no vendetta against pit bull breed


CULLMAN, Ala. (WIAT)– A Cullman police officer had to shoot and kill a pit bull last week , however, they stress no vendetta against these breeds.

Cullman Police Chief Kenny Culpepper says this was an unfortunate incident but the officer had to make a judgement call to protect himself.

The officer was responding to a call which came in from a neighbor saying several of the children riding their bikes were scared of the dog which had jumped it’s fence.

When the officer arrived the neighbor said he had fended the dog off with a baseball bat.

Culpepper said the dog growled at the officer when he first cracked his door open in the alleyway behind his house, then came towards him growling.

The officer tried to use a baton, but the dog was coming after him and he felt forced to shoot him.

Culpepper said none of his officers have anything against breeds such as pit bulls.  In fact, the officer is a former pit bull owner and was very upset he had to kill the animal.

CBS42 will have more on this story tonight on CBS42 News.

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