Child safety campaign urges parents to “Look Before You Lock”

(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT-TV) In mid-July Birmingham’s normal high temperature is in the low 90’s. With that inside a car can become an over with temperatures soaring into the 130’s. A child or pet cannot survive more than a few minutes in that kind of element.

The Administration for Children and Families and the Head Start are on a nationwide awareness campaign to remind anyone not just parents to check their vehicles even if you don’t think your children are with me.

Administration for Children & FamiliesTake the Pledge by clicking here: Look Before You Lock!

“Use these tips to remind myself there is a child in the vehicle:

• Š Write myself a note and place it where I’ll see it when I leave the vehicle.

• Place my purse, briefcase, or something else I’m sure to need in the back seat so I’ll see the child in the vehicle.Š

• Keep an object in the car seat, such as a stuffed toy. Once the child is buckled in, I will place the object where I’ll see it before leaving the vehicle.

• Notify the authorities immediately if I see a child left unattended in a vehicle.” Administration for Children and Families.

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