Father and daughter escape vehicle fire in Homewood

Father and Daughter escape vehicle fire on Poinciana Drive in Homewood. Sunday July 21, 2013. Photo Courtesy Abigail Ryan

HOMEWOOD, Ala (WIAT) – A father and daughter decided to take a drive Sunday morning through Homewood. They didn’t get far before the classic jeep they were riding in began smoking.

Linlee Dunn tells CBS42 she was frightened as her father pulled onto Poinciana Drive and her father told her to jump out of the Jeep.

Her mother says she is proud Linlee was so brave as her father pulled the Jeep into a driveway and escaped himself.

PHOTOS: Father and daughter escape vehicle fire

Curious neighbors came outside as they saw thick billowing smoke coming from the vehicle and then tall flames flicker out of the engine capturing the interior on fire.

Many snapped photos as firefighters arrived to put out the fire.

Linlee’s mother says the family had decided to stay home from church this morning and Linlee and her dad had become restless… so they decided to take a drive. Mrs. Dunn said with a smile and a light laugh. “That’ll teach us to skip church.”

The vehicle is likely a total. Loss the family had purchased it as a big toy just a few months ago.

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