Holding Onto Hope…6 Years Later

For the last six years, a Tuscaloosa father wakes up every morning wondering where his daughter is.

There isn’t a day that passes that G.C. Skipper doesn’t think about his daughter. Six years ago, Lisa Green was last seen on a surveillance camera at a Tuscaloosa Food World. But she never made it back to her car. It was found locked in the parking lot several days later.

Mr. Skipper shared with CBS42 some encouraging news.

“I got a call about some new information that the homicide unit they had some sort of information about a name of a person I didn’t recognize and some other details that were not familiar. They were not too optimistic it was probably false information. But, it gave me hope in that the case is 6 years old and yet it is working they are getting feedback from various sources, they are working it actively.”

There is a reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. Call 205-752-STOP if you have information that can lead to an arrest or Green’s whereabouts.

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