The weeds are gone!

(Tiffany Westry/CBS42)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Neighbors in North Birmingham are seeing things more clearly.

Those who live a rocks throw away from the Opportunity Academy at Riggins have been dealing with the unsightly appearance of the school since it was vacated about two years ago.

On June 25th CBS42 visited the property. Weeds towered nearly 7th feet high at the front of the school building. The front door was open, as was the back. Windows were broke and anything valuable had been stripped from the building.

After speaking with then spokesperson for Birmingham City Schools, Michaelle Chapman, we learned that maintenance at vacated properties is supposed to be addressed at least once a month.

After a visit on July 30th, we found that over grow vegetation had been cut back.

Neighbors say although the deteriorating building is still an eyesore, they are glad to see that actions to maintain the appearance of the property were taken following our story.

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