Group votes to change wording in Alabama Constitution

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – The Alabama Constitutional Review Commission has voted to propose striking segregationist language from the Alabama’s 1901 constitution mandating separate schools for “white and colored children.”

The Anniston Star reports the commission voted 9-7 Monday to propose that Section 256 of the document instead say the state will maintain a system of public schools and drop references to segregation.

The passage hasn’t had legal authority since the civil rights movement and some state leaders say they’d like to strike the passage because it’s an embarrassment to Alabama.

Commissioner Carolyn McKinstry told the newspaper it’s disappointing more people didn’t agree on the topic.

Two prior attempts at striking the passage have failed. In 2004, opponents said dropping the language could allow courts to demand equal funding for the state’s school districts.


Information from: The Anniston Star

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