One Class at a Time: Valley Elementary


Much like putting Lego’s together, 2nd grade teacher Amber Ortiz is trying to give
her students the building blocks for success. But when she noticed how scarce her book selection was for her students, she knew something needed to be done.

So, it’s really good timing that Mrs. Ortiz is this week’s One Class at a Time winner, and the happy recipient of a $1000.

This is the first year teaching for Mrs. Ortiz.  And so, we asked her, how’s it been your first year?  She said, “well, when I started, they told me that every day and every hour would be different and she said, you know what?  They weren’t kidding!” But that’s what she love about it.

As her students salute Mrs. Ortiz for her initiative and passion for education, this first year teacher knows, she’s in the right place!
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