More woes for Marks Village residents

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Residents say they got notices last week from the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District informing them of potential gas leaks and also tenant relocation plans.  As the weather gets cold again some say they are still afraid to use their gas heating and unsure about what the future holds for them. Since the explosion in December Lakeshia Means says she hasn’t been sleeping well. “Waking up at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning just afraid you know wondering if you know we’re going to get past the night,” said Means.

When the Birmingham Housing Authority notified tenants about other potential gas issues and plans to let residents relocate it reinforced some of her fears, but Means also considers it an encouraging sign.
“I’ve been ready to move. You know and I’m just, I’m ready.  I’m past ready. Like yesterday!” said Means. “The gas explosion, the tragedy, it’s had everybody in an uproar.”

Alagasco crews continue their work in the housing complex while neighbors do their best to adapt. “I have. I’ve been very afraid to use the gas you know because with the notices that they sent us they told us that there were still gas leaks in the area that you know  they were unsure of where they were or the severity of it, so we need to be on our p’s and  q’s and then you still have children out here,” said Means.

Delorise Hamilton lives nearby. She’s also afraid to use the gas in her apartment. “Yes I am , because they was digging out here last week. I have electric heater and I turn my stove on for a periodic of time, but I turn it off,” said Hamilton.

Unlike Means, Hamilton is not encouraged by the notice. “This is the piece of paper that they gave us Friday. Now how do you expect us to do something this soon and we just got this Friday?” said Hamilton.”Why would you want to go to another site? You want to go somewhere where you’re going to be comfortable at. If the gas leaks here if the rest of the projects old like this what’s going to happen next?”

Hamilton says she is also upset because she has not been offered any help to move. CBS 42 reached out to HABD spokesperson Jesse Lewis by phone twice today, but at press time our calls had not been returned.

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