Get set to sweat!


We’re on the verge of seeing some of the hottest weather we’ve seen all summer. Two weeks ago, we had a string of days where the mercury hovered in the upper 90s, but never actually hit 100°. There’s a good chance we’ll make a run for the century mark by the weekend. It’ll be the first time since August 26, 2011 that we’ve hit triple digit temperatures. Even if we don’t hit that high temperature mark, the combination of heat and humidity will make it feel that way over the next few days. Unlike recent days, we won’t see any rain relief. High pressure building in over the southeast the next few days will dry out the upper levels of the atmosphere suppressing clouds and any chance for storms.

For the early evening, expect warm temperatures and a balmy feel with light winds. Overnight, temperatures will only fall to the low to mid 70s. Thursday starts hazy and there will be plenty of sun; only a few fair weather clouds and if there is any chance of brief shower, it will be far to our south. Highs will be in the upper 90s with the heat index between 100° and 105° during the afternoon. Friday will be hotter with highs close to 100° with the same dangerous heat index. Saturday could be the day when we hit 100°, and the heat index will top that possibly climbing above 110°. If that is the case, the National Weather Service may issue a heat advisory. Early next week, there is a glimmer of hope as something odd happens. A push of cool air could move in from the east, touching off showers and dropping temperatures a bit. That’s a few days off though and its not a sure bet.

What is certain is that we all need to use common sense to stay cool in this weather. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated when outside and take frequent breaks. This will be especially important with so many great events going on this weekend: Sidewalk Film Festival, Taste of 4th Ave Jazz Festival and of course, kickoff for some high school teams.

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