Wednesday morning forecast


There was enough water in the air to fill a lake to start our Wednesday morning. Temps were also in the warm range with most stations reporting into the lower and middle 70s for highs. There was not any rain to start the day, but hang on the mid-level low pressure system that is drifting south out over the gulf coast region of Alabama will still influence enough lift for a few showers and THUNDERshowers during the afternoon hours.

Rain chances will linger into the overnight into early on Thursday, but not a guarantee that we’ll get much in the way of rain. I’ve got about a 30% coverage for the viewing area during the night, but many of us will remain dry, muggy and stagnant.

A rare cold front will swing into the Tennessee Valley region early during the day on Thursday and the rain chances will quickly start to go up with the lift and forcing from the front will help to add rain widespread across the viewing area. There will be about 70% coverage of rain for the whole viewing area during the afternoon and evening hours.

Dry air begins to settle into the region while the front stalls and keeps most of the rain chances to our south. Then get ready for the heat! Highs will be back into the lower and middle and 90s! So, get ready for a solid heat up and a few isolated showers slipping back in by Sunday afternoon with more rain chances on Monday of next week!

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