Cloudy Thursday but rain chances limited

Cloud cover arrived into the state overnight into early on this Thursday morning. There was not much in the way of rain, but there was a little bit of rain that showed up on the radar screen, but just about all that evaporated as it fell to the ground thanks to the dry atmosphere.

There will be plenty of clouds in place throughout the day and the sunshine amounts will be very limited. An isolated sprinkle or shower is not out of the question as we get later into the day, but the rainfall that does occur will be very limited and not last that long. This is going to be helping to get the atmosphere prepared for better chances of rain as we get into Friday and Saturday.

Speaking of Friday, there will be a 40% coverage of rain, but not all of us will see rain on Friday. The rain chances will go up to a 60% coverage for our Saturday and that will be our best shot at rain in most areas throughout the next 7 days.

Rain chances will be hanging around through the rest of the weekend into the first of next week, but not as widespread. Temps will begin to warm up as well by Sunday and into the first of next week. The highs will again get back into the upper 80s and lower 90s which is just at and below normal for this time of year.