A couple of days of sunshine

High pressure building behind the very dynamic storm that brought blizzard conditions to coastal New England. That ridge of high pressure will keep skies clear and us dry for the next 48 hours. Highs on Tuesday will be in the low 50’s with lows tonight in the upper 20’s. The trade off for having crystal clear skies is loosing all the heat from the sunshine during the overnight hours. So you will need to dress warm in the morning. Highs will rebound into the mid 50’s on Wednesday under sunny skies. The high pressure moves to the east and that will bring in more southwesterly winds for Thursday. So highs will be warmer in the upper 50’s. However there will be a cool front swinging through the region late in the day. That will bring clouds in and a few light rain showers. Back into the low 50’s for highs on Friday and Saturday under partly cloudy skies. I am tracking on the computer models a decent shot of rain on Sunday. This could change as more model runs come out over the coming days.

The latest data on this weekends rain will come in late this afternoon. So make sure you check in with Chief Meteorologist Mark Prater on WIAT 42 News @ 5/6/10pm.