Shower chances linger tonight and tomorrow

Today’s rain was more spread out across the state, but we’re still likely to see rain for a few more days before typical July heat returns. One of the reasons why today wasn’t as wet as first expected is due to the erratic movement of the system sparking showers. The upper-level low circulates the warm and humid air and the sun’s heat allows clouds to bubble up and produce showers. However, just like in real estate, its all about location. Yesterday the low was just north of Montgomery and was expected to drift northwestward, allowing for more widespread rain closer to metro Birmingham. However, the low, steered by very weak upper-level winds drifted due west ending up just north of Mobile. So the focus for storms shifted too, more in west Alabama. Tomorrow, the low fizzles, but a new storm-producing element emerges – yet another cool front. This one is far weaker than last week’s, but it will slide through late Wednesday and into Thursday, reintroducing scattered storm chances. Once the front slides by, we’ll see hotter days heading into the weekend.

For the rest of this afternoon, expect partly to mostly cloudy skies with occasional passing showers and a few thunderstorms. Coverage should be around 30% and the rains should diminish by late evening, Overnight, warm and muggy with lows in the low 70s. Wednesday should be warm and muggy through early afternoon, when showers begin to build. Highs in the upper 80s. Thursday sees the front moving through bringing yet another chance for storms. Before the rain, highs in the upper 80s. Friday is when we begin to see fewer storms and more heat. Highs in the low 90s with just a stray isolated shower chance. Saturday looks to be a typical July day – hot and humid with highs in the low 90s. Sunday follows suit, wit a return of the stray shower chance. Monday sees the arrival of yet another cold front which will substantially drop temperatures by the middle of next week. Yes, we’re talking 60s again in the morning with mid 80s possible.

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