Could medical marijuana become legal in Alabama?

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT)  –  The medical marijuana debate is heating up in Montgomery. This session, legislators will consider a bill that would allow doctors to prescribe an oil, extracted from the marijuana plant, to patients suffering from debilitating conditions. Many people who support the bill rallied Tuesday on the steps of the Alabama State House.

Two of the key speakers were Madison County representatives Mike Ball and Jim Patterson. They are co-sponsors of “Carly’s Law”. Carly is a Shelby County girl who has a rare genetic disorder. She needs medication made from the marijuana plant oil to help ease her pain.

This isn’t the first time a bill like this has been brought up in Alabama, but Ball says he thinks it stands a chance this year. He says even with his background as a law enforcement officer, he thinks medical marijuana would be a good change for the state. The bill is sponsored by Representative Patricia Todd of Birmingham.

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