BPD: Roads are clear, proceed with caution to cars

Report It: Katie Phillips
Report It: Katie Phillips

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Birmingham Police Department is urging those who still need to retrieve their stranded cars to call local law enforcement. The BPD is not currently towing cars.

Police say the roads are clear to travel, which means people can proceed to their cars with caution.

They’re urging those who trek to their cars to watch their speeds because some spots may be more deceiving than others.

If a car is not where it should be or towing is happening that wasn’t initiated by the driver, contact 911.

For those who are looking for their car and find that it has been towed, call Hoover Police at (205) 444-7700, Pelham Police at (205) 620-6550. You can also call Action Towing and Recovery at (205) 390-6596 to see if they have your car.

In Leeds, call (205) 699-2581.

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