Towing cost woes for many in Alabama

Towing costs

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – If you live in Pelham and your vehicle has been towed, Mayor Gary Waters says you’ll have to pay $180 to get it back. But Waters says the only cars that have been towed are those that belong to people they can’t locate; and that is only if they are still in the road, not off to the side.

On Friday we asked Governor Bentley whether the state plans to reimburse cities like Leeds that will cover the towing fees. He told us adamantly, “No”.

The towing situation has been a hot topic on social media. So much so, that someone has created a Facebook page for it. It’s called “Towed in Alabama”. It claims to be a public service for people who are frustrated and may feel as if they’ve been taken advantage of. The page was created by a man named Jonathan Barbee. He is a candidate for public service commission.

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