Who will pay for the towed vehicles in Leeds?

Towing in Leeds

LEEDS, Ala. (WIAT) – A possible solution for people whose vehicles were towed in Leeds this week is to be reimbursed by the city. That’s the latest request from Mayor David Miller. As of Friday, no one has paid a dime for the towing involved, but sooner or later, someone will have to come up with the money.

Hunter Ryan and his staff have been crunching numbers since Wednesday as they towed 25 vehicles from Interstate 78 and 20 back to his Leeds garage. On I-20 it took several hours to tow at $100 to $175 dollars an hour. When drivers picked their car up they were given a note and not asked to pay yet. However Ryan said the reaction was typical, “Most of them have been upset and that’s not uncommon for my job. Nobody wants to see a tow truck pull up or have to utilize our services.”

The Leeds City Council plans to meet on Monday to vote on approving to reimburse towing fees.

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