Heroes of the Storm: Kevin Henderson

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Kevin Henderson wasn’t out to make a viral video when a snow storm crippled Birmingham. He was actually returning from a job in Montgomery when his adventure began.

Henderson says he rescued fifteen different drivers on Tuesday, but while he was taking people to safety, he took some time to admire the gridlocks on Alabama’s roads from the air.

“Between dropping off people, I told them, “I’ve just got to shoot some video. This is too interesting here.'”

Henderson has a quadcopter he keeps with him that has a GoPro camera attached to it. He took the time to fly it over Alabama’s interstates and roadways as cars and trucks sat still in traffic for hours.

Henderson asked his friend, Daniel Clark, to put all the video together and the video was posted to YouTube on Thursday and is one of many videos on SkyBama.com done by Henderson.

Shots over I-20 and I-459 show motorists outside their cars, some even starting a fire to keep warm as no vehicles moved for hours. Aerials over Columbiana Road show hundreds of abandoned vehicles, many of which were unable to make the steep hill on the icy roads.

The video’s big draw is the unique perspective it provides. Henderson is proud of the “personable” shots he captured while only hovering forty to fifty feet above traffic, the type of shot only a quadcopter could capture.

While the video has been a big hit, Henderson is just happy he was able to help people to safety during the winter weather.

“I was just looking to get people where they needed to go to get to safety, but along those ways, there was a lot of opportunity to video these places.”

To view the full 12-minute video, click either of the links provided above.

Copyright 2014 WIAT-CBS42

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