Senior Connection holds fundraiser for new center

CLANTON, Ala. (WIAT) – There are all kinds of 5K runs. The Senior Connection 5K Run and Walk is the first one of its kind in Chilton County.

“We were cut from the hospital, our program about three years ago and they’ve let us house in another facility,” said Vanessa McKinney.

The group has grown out of their old space.

“We have so many people there until there out in the hall way doing exercises; it’s just elbow to elbow,” said Sammy Wyatt

With money raised from the Senior Connection 5K and Health Fair, they’ll buy furniture and renovate the new 12,000 square foot building given to them by the city.

“When we get in here it’s just going to be wonderful, we’re going to have so much room we’re going to be like a fish out of water,” she adds.

The community is helping to bring life to the old building, much like what senior connection does for those they serve.

“It’s a life-line for a lot of cause there’s so many of us that are widowed and that’s the only time they’re out and about mingling with people.”

The new facility is expected to be ready in about two months. As for the hospital the future of the Chilton County Medical Center hinges on a vote in Montgomery.

HB-331 would allow the county to level a one cent sales tax which would be used to pay for upgrades needed to reopen the hospital.

It’s been a difficult couple of years for the facility. Its license was suspended in October of 2012 after the owner was unable to meet payroll.

A new company purchased the property last year but still needs to upgrade the building before it can obtain a new license.

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