Samford students learn about Birmingham’s civil rights history

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Samford University is nestled on 180 acres in Homewood. The student body is made up of people from nearly every ethnicity on the globe.

In an effort to foster and encourage social and civic responsibility and service, members of the incoming freshman class screened the 1961 CBS News documentary entitled “Who Speaks For Birmingham?”

The documentary tells a tale of two very different sides of Birmingham in 1961. One Birmingham was an ideal Southern city that was wrongly portrayed by a northern reporter.

The second Birmingham was a city where residents lived in fear and endured cruelty and discrimination daily.

Samford students who watched the documentary find the mindset and images of discrimination and cruelty shocking, embarrassing and hurtful.

“It was really interesting to see everyone’s different perspectives and different point of views of the whole issues and realizing that Birmingham is such a place of history,” said Emma Boone.

The students took a field trip to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute , which proved to be even more enlightening.

2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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