Jefferson State Community College student admits kidnapping was a lie

Photo courtesy of Jefferson State Community College

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) –On Tuesday Gabriell Coleman was found safe after reportedly being kidnapped by two white males in a white van. She was found walking by herself at a CVS pharmacy just a few miles off Jefferson State’s campus. But on Wednesday new details emerged after Coleman spoke with police.

Gabriell Coleman confessed that she was not kidnapped, and that she had made the story up. Coleman stated she left school with a friend and they went to a house where alcoholic beverages were being served.  She stated she never drank and that there were no males present at the location. She had made up the lie so she could spend time with her friends.

It was also revealed that Coleman made a similar kidnapping claim while in high school that was revealed to be a lie.  A warrant has been issued against Ms. Coleman for Filing a False Police Report.

In a statement released by the Birmingham Police Department, the BPD stressed the importance of understanding that accusations such as this magnitude will not be tolerated. “Filing a false report is a crime and false police reports can be damaging both for police efforts as well as any person who might be the victim of the false report.”

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