Top 5 Videos: Snowboards & Sleds

Top 5 Videos: Snowboarding & Sledding
Top 5 Videos: Snowboarding & Sledding

The snow really brought out the daredevil in these kids! Snowboards, ATVs, and impromptu sleds made for some fun times, and fun video.

VOTE for your favorite “Snowboards and Sleds” video submission below! We’ll air the winning video in CBS 42 News at 5pm on Monday, February 10th.

#1 Sledding in a Box


Credit: Report It/Jacqueline Moore

#2 Fun on an ATV

Credit: Report It/Michael French

#3 Sledding Downhill


Credit: Report It/Jay Clark

#4 Snowboarding in Bama


Credit: Report It/Alex Cloke

#5 Ducks grab a bite in the snow


Credit: Report It/Tiffany Westry


Top 5 “Snowboards & Sleds” videos: Voting Results


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