Winter storm: Dealing with power outages

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — In addition to snow, ice accumulations could cause a problem we haven’t had to deal with during the past few winter storms, power outages.

“We have ample resources ready to go if we’re need at this time but right now we’re really just monitoring conditions to see how the storm develops,” said Michael Sznajderman, spokesperson for Alabama Power.

During power outages it’s important to be conservative with opening and closing the fridge. Food will stay frozen in a fully stocked freezer for 36 to 48 hours if it stays closed.

Don’t overdo it with milk and bread. Non-perishable food items go a long way.

Alabama Power also recommends turning off or disconnecting every appliance that was on when the power went off. Also, leave one light switch in the one position to know when power is restored.

As for staying warm keep plenty of blankets on hand and think of the fridge when using your fire place.

“If they are using a fire place or they have used a fire place be sure that the flue is closed after they’ve used that fire place so the warm air of the house doesn’t go up the chimney,” adds Sznajderman.

Keep extra batteries for flash lights and water stored and remember never use a generator inside your home.

2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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