A closer look at the Cessna 210

Cessna Planes

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Cessna 210 went out of production in the mid-1980s. But Birmingham Flight Center Chief Flight Instructor Justin Lollar, who has a decade of experience in flying planes, says Cessna models are pretty popular. “They’re still widely used today even though it’s a 30 year old airplane. Most everything on them we’ll replace through the years,” he says. They can seat up to 6 people, but are used to transport cargo because they’re cost-efficient and easy to fly. “It’s relatively simple,” he explains, “It’s pretty smooth it’s not really much different than flying a large airline. I mean obviously the airplane is much smaller and it doesn’t go quite as fast, but the controls are pretty much the same.”

Lollar says the prerequisites to fly a Cessna are fairly standard, but the time frame of getting those requirements can vary.

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