Outrage over litter in Forestdale

FORESTDALE, Ala. (WIAT) — An increase in roadside trash in Jefferson County has one state lawmaker saying enough is enough.

From bags of trash to torn up shoes, bottles, cans, and carpet scraps- one state lawmaker says litter in one part of Jefferson County has gotten so out of hand that she’s working on a new plan to deal with it.

State Representative Juandalynn Givan tells CBS 42 that she’s been getting calls from people in the Forestdale community who are embarrassed by the amount of trash along the streets in their neighborhoods.

“They’re ashamed to bring people to their homes because they have to take these major thoroughfares that are at this point unattended by the county as it relates to picking up litter,” said State Rep. Juandalynn Givan.

Givan says it’s not just Forestdale, both sides of Minor Parkway are lined with litter too, but in Forestdale the trash is accumulating along a number of streets.

“This is Riderwood Trail right here. We have Heflin. We have Roberta Rd, We have Cherry Avenue. We have Tomahawk Road. We have, Heflin Way, Heflin Way East, all of these roads even off to the opposite side of Hwy 78 around the Crumley Chapel Area. It looks like a war zone because it’s so compounded and compacted because it’s gone unattended for so long, “said Givan.

“We understand that there have been county cutbacks because of the bankruptcy, but there should never be a period where the citizens are not getting the services that they deserve. They pay taxes, so the services must still go on.”

Givan also has a warning for litterbugs. “I’m going to be looking at implementing or working on imposing additional fines for those individuals,” said Givan.

Representative Givan is calling a press conference Monday afternoon to discuss the issue. She says a cleanup day is also being planned for next Saturday.

2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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