Severe weather safety tips

Severe Storms

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — As a part of Severe Weather Awareness Week, CBS42’s Weather Team wants you to understand all the necessary tips for staying safe in severe weather.

While they may rattle your windows, not all thunderstorms are severe.  A severe thunderstorm is one that has winds over 58 mph, produces hail larger than a quarter or produces a tornado. The best thing to do when severe storms roll in is get inside and stay away from windows. You can’t have a thunderstorm without lightning. If you can hear thunder, you could be impacted by lightning.


  •  Avoid electrical appliances A
  • Avoid showering if your home has metal pipes
  • Don’t use a land line telephone.


  • Stay away from trees
  • Get out of the water and off the golf course
  • If you have nowhere to go: crouch down low on the balls of your feet and don’t lie flat on the ground.

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