Volunteer fire chief let go in Lynn

LYNN, Ala. (WIAT) — The future of a Winston County fire department is up in the air tonight.

The Lynn City Council dismissed its volunteer fire chief Monday, and so far the rest of the firefighters have turned in their gear as well.

The city admits the fire chief didn’t do anything illegal or inappropriate. It seems they just didn’t like him.

Sometimes that’s all it takes to get fired, even for a volunteer position. However, the entire department has walked off the job.

Residents Pam Harper and Angie Franks worry their restaurant could burn down at any time now that Lynn’s firefighters have all turned in their gear after the firing of former Chief Rickey Rodgers.

The firefighters gave the council an ultimatum: let Rodgers stay in the department without the title or they would all leave.

The council said no.  They don’t want Rodgers back on any terms yet.  Mayor Jeff Stokes says it would be too confusing to have the former chief there when his replacement David Harris takes over.

Stokes says new volunteers are stepping up, and he hopes the former volunteers change their mind and come back.

Residents are also talking about how the dispute between the mayor and volunteer fire department could force the town’s 600 residents to pay more for homeowner’s insurance because of the possible lack of coverage.

The mayor says Rodgers had been with the Lynn fire department for eleven years and became fire chief about three years ago.

2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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