Neighbor prevents burglary suspect from fleeing

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — On Wednesday afternoon, deputies responded to a reported burglary in process at a home in the 3600 block of G and F Drive in the Bradford area.  While on the way, they were informed a neighbor had blocked the suspect’s vehicle in the driveway and was detaining the burglar.

Once on the scene, deputies spoke to the neighbor and learned that he had been driving by and noticed an unusual car in the driveway. He contacted the home owner by telephone and verified that no one should be at the residence. He called the Sheriff’s Office and pulled into the driveway behind the suspect’s car.  The suspect came running from behind the home and got in to the car, but the neighbor reached in and took the keys. He ordered the suspect to get out of the car and sit on the ground. The suspect complied. When deputies arrived he was still sitting on the ground. The suspect told deputies that he had broken in to the shed behind the home and stolen several items including a chainsaw, air gun, nail gun and jig saw.  The stolen items were returned to the homeowner.

The suspect has been identified as 19 year-old Christopher Dewayne Bryant of Oneonta. He’s charged with Burglary (3rd Degree) and Theft of Property (2nd  Degree). He remains in the Jefferson County Jail with bonds totaling $10,000.

Copyright 2014 WIAT-CBS42

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