AHSAA high school basketball scores for Saturday, Feb. 22



Daleville High School: 53 Barbour County High School: 68

Dallas County High School: 53 Dora High School: 32

Guntersville High School: 55 Madison County High School: 69

Hillcrest High School, Ever.: — Wilcox Central High School: —

Johnson, J.O. High School: — Butler, S. R. High School: —


Madison Academy: 65 Colbert County High School: 45

Saks High School: 82 Holly Pond High School: 72


Elba High School: 48 Washington County High School: 30

Tanner High School: 45 Vincent Middle High School: 42

Westbrook Christian School: 50 Lanett High School: 61



Anniston High School: 69 Jacksonville High School: 45

Calera High School: 49 Handley High School: 34

Charles Henderson High School: 37 UMS-Wright Prep School: 32

Priceville High School: 45 Oneonta High School: 72


Madison Academy: 58  Lauderdale County High School: 61

Plainview High School: 51 Holly Pond High School: 67


Providence Christian School: 32 Samson High School: 50

Straughn High School: 61 Abbeville High School: 56

Tanner High School: 28 Red Bay High School: 39

Woodland High School: 84 Lanett High School: 68

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