Fighting to bring awareness to pancreatic cancer

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Most are familiar with the fight to find a cure for breast cancer or even prostate cancer, but when we say pancreatic cancer not as many people feel a connection. Sybil Redmon is fighting to bring awareness to what she calls a nearly symptomless killer.

 “This can happen to you. i was perfectly healthy, only saw my doctor once a year and then this happened” – Sybil Redmon

Redmon has stage four pancreatic cancer. She’s been fighting the disease with chemotherapy since being diagnosed in late 2011. She says races like Saturday’s Purple Stride 5K will help bring awareness to a disease that will strike nearly 45,000 Americans this year.

“It’s really a silent cancer and it can be up on you and all over you before you know it.” – Sybil Redmon

So on the weekends, she and her husband Max attend events, talk to other survivors and their families, sharing their experience, strength and hope.

Sybil also admits that, although the cancer diagnosis was scary at first, she says it ended up being a blessing in disguise.

“We get so caught up in daily life, sometimes we need a wakeup call to make us realize what’s truly important…Wes it’s a bad thing, but so many good things have come out of it.” – Sybil Redmon

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