Tips for gardening as winter weather continues

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Many people may be wondering about their plants after getting out and doing some gardening while the sun was out this past weekend.

CBS42 has some tips on how you can keep your greenery alive during this cold snap. And the good news is for people who planted trees, shrubs or bushes – they’re most likely going to be ok. It’s those of us who got a little over zealous with the flowering plants that need to worry tonight.

Pam Clark is the owner of Garden Shop of Homewood. On Wednesday afternoon, she and her staff were busy. They’re taking no chances with the cold weather. They’re putting up the Posey’s, dragging in the daisies and laying batting over the little budding plants.

“They may get a little cosmetic damage but once it warms up they’re going to perk right up and be all happy again,” says Clark.

Yet it’s hard to imagine any frilly flower could be happy when we’ve had several weeks of snow and ice. However Pam says living in the Southeast we shouldn’t be surprised by the cold.

“The six degree temps are not typical,” says Pam, “But just historically since I’ve been in the business, there have been ups and downs. Like last March, when it was cold for the entire month, unseasonably cold.”

So what can we do when stuck between mother nature and old man winter?

“I just encourage people to buy and plant, plants that do well in our area. That way you don’t have to worry about going out and covering anything up.”

And if you just can’t resist the pretty flowers, Pam says just know it’s a gamble but the 13- year shop owner feels its so worth it.

Although the temperatures are going to warm up a bit after tonight’s cold snap. Our area could get freezes as late in the year as mid April. So Pam says you should wait until after then to plant very sensitive plants like herbs, fruits and vegetables.

2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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