The Choice Bus rolls into Fultondale

The Choice Bus - Fultondale Alabama 2/27/2014

FULTONDALE, Ala. (WIAT) – Asking a teenager to make choices about their future can have awful consequences when left to do so without guidance.
It’s one of the reasons that programs like the Mattie C Stewart Foundation’s “Choice Bus” are so important.
The bus rolled up to Fultondale high school Thursday… It’s sole mission to get kids to think about their future by staying in school.
The half school bus half jail cell is a very realistic demonstration of what can happen after dropping out of school.
It’s not a scare tactic but statistical facts presented in a way everyone can understand.
Program Director Lynn Smelley explains, “When the curtain comes back that’s just something to get their attention… to hold their attention until we can talk to them about the money… And the money is what it’s all about.”
The money point is a slap to the face. Students who graduate from high school will make more than a million dollars more over their lifetime than students who drop out. The program literature points out 7 in 10 prisoners in Alabama did not graduate from high school.

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