The difficulty of being a first responder

Alabaster scene

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — First responders are trained to deal with things the average person isn’t used to seeing. They do have resources to help them deal with the stress of the job. Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Josh Klapow spoke with CBS42 about the impact the tragic discovery of Jayden Allen’s body could have on the first responders who found him.

When first responders responded to the call of a single car accident in Alabaster, they found more than just a burning car. However, it wasn’t until the fire was put out that they discovered the body of 19-month-old Jayden Allen.

Dr. Klapow “Even for a first responder be it, fire, police, paramedics, what have you, it catches them off guard or it can be so horrific that it even goes beyond their threshold for dealing with these situations and there absolutely can be a very strong psychological impact.” –Dr. Josh Klapow, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Klapow says that is why all departments have, in place, ways to help first responders deal with the stresses of the job.

“It is normal to kind of shut down emotionally, it is normal to have problems like nightmares or difficulty sleeping even in first responders. That is not an abnormal reaction. That’s a way that the way deals with these sorts of problems.” –Dr. Josh Klapow

CBS42 will continue to bring you the latest on this ongoing investigation.

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