The Week in Headlines: Feb. 23-Mar. 1

CBS42/Josh Zavadil

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A look at some of the biggest stories you were talking about from February 23rd-March 1st.

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On Sunday (Feb. 23) you were hearing about a strange story in Oneonta, Alabama. A few zebras were killed on a farm in the West Alabama city: Read More.

On Monday (Feb. 24) you took a tour of the just reopened Conservatory at the Botanical Gardens. It was the first time the public was allowed in there since April 2011: Read More.

On Tuesday (Feb. 25) you wanted to find out just what was in those Kratom pill that had been popping up around the city: Read More.

On Wednesday (Feb. 26) you looked into the increasingly blurred lines of teacher-student relationships: Read More.

On Thursday (Feb. 27) you found out there might be a connection in the rise of head lice cases and teens taking “selfies” together: Read More.

On Friday (Feb. 28) you read about the remains of infant being found in a burning car in Alabaster: Read More.

On Saturday (Mar. 1) you read reactions from neighbors a day after the sad events in Alabaster: Read More.

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