Maximizing your time each day

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Do you ever wish you had more hours in the day to accomplish what you need to get done? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is yes! But, even while juggling work, kids, and family responsibilities, you may have more free-time than you think! UAB psychologist Dr. Josh Klapow says the key is maximizing the time that you do have.

“Even if we had an extra hour or two, we’d probably find a way to fill that time up, so it’s not a matter of finding the extra time, it’s a matter of making sure the time you do have is the most productive, and there’s some simple steps that you can take to make that happen.” – Dr. Josh Klapow

Dr. Josh offers these 3 tips:

  • Track your time: for one week, write down everything you do during the day to determine if you have gaps you didn’t realize you had.
  • Set daily goals: write them down, and read them out loud, which often helps people see what’s realistic and what’s not.
  • Prioritize your activities: determine if they are important to achieving your goals.

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