Blue Bell Road’s pothole problem

FORESTDALE, Ala. (WIAT) — Michael Hannah reached out to us through Report It, saying the potholes near his home were horrendous!

Michael Hannah “I don’t even go this way anymore because I don’t want to take a chance of tearing my car up.” – Michael Hannah

For several years, he has been trying to get one section of Blue Bell Road repaired. “For about one hundred yards there’s a bad section of potholes and ruts and it just looks like a war zone really,” says Hannah. It’s a daily inconvenience because every time he heads into Birmingham, he’s forced to go out of his way.

Hannah tells us the road was patched up about 4 years ago, but then maintenance stopped.

pothole maintenance sign  “I think that there’s a dispute that it’s Jefferson County right of way or City of Birmingham right of way. And after dealing with the guys over there at Jefferson County Roads Department, they told me that it was not their right of way. After a period of time they came out, and put a sign up saying that their maintenance stops in that curve over there.” – Michael Hannah

Going from Blue Bell up to Oakley, it is literally pothole after pothole after pothole. It’s now dangerous and beyond patchwork.

Blue Bell Road“I’d like to see them come out and pave the whole stretch. Because you know we’re not maybe the fanciest neighborhood, you know, but we’re entitled to have our roads maintained just like everybody else.” – Michael Hannah

We’ve reached out to both the City of Birmingham and Jefferson County to try and find some answers on Blue Bell Road. We heard back from the Jefferson County Roads and Transportation Department and they are looking into it. They said it could be related to a water leak.

If you know of any potholes, we want to hear about it! Take a picture, tell us where it is, and send it to Or you can CLICK HERE to our Pothole Patrol page.

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