Victim of trolley accident was walking home from cooking class

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – The young woman struck and killed by a MAX Transit trolley had just finished making soup at the Horizons School for students with disabilities when she decided to walk back to her apartment.

Executive director Jade Carter spoke with CBS 42 just after the accident Wednesday.

“She was precious. She was funny. She was kind,” Carter said.

The Horizons School is located on 15th Avenue South in Birmingham, just a few blocks from the scene of the accident. About 40 students are enrolled. They are young adults who tend to follow the borderline range of I.Q.

“They desperately want to be grown-ups like the rest of the world,” Carter said. “And this is their college-like experience.”

The victim was a second-year student who would have graduated from the program in May. A few of her classmates were with her when she was hit by the trolley.

“They immediately called 911. They were amazing,” Carter said. “They didn’t fall apart. They came into the school and told us what was going on.”

Carter said the grieving process will take some time.

“Right now they’re in shock and they’re beginning to get angry because they don’t understand,” Carter said. “We’re comforting each other as we can.”

Carter has contacted the victim’s parents, who live in another state. They will come to Birmingham to make funeral arrangements.

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