New child car seat regulation

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — If you’re a parent with children who still use a car seat, there’s a new regulation out there that you need to know about.  A new federal requirement just went into effect that may change the way you secure those car seats.

The LATCH system which stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, was created because it’s a little easier for parents to use properly.

The old federal regulation required parents to stop using the LATCH system and switch to securing car seats with seatbelts, once the child reached 40 pounds. The new regulation, requires parents to switch to the seatbelt method once the child and their car seat combined weigh more 65 pounds.

We spoke with a representative from Children’s of Alabama who says they made the switch because as car seats have gotten bigger and safer, they have also gotten heavier. She told us it hasn’t been proven yet that the LATCH system can hold those heavy car seats but seat belts are built to hold a grown adult’s weight.

“Well we want the child to be the safest as possible so if we know the seat belt system will hold that child in the car seat longer for a higher weight, than it definitely needs to be used that way,” Marie Crew, coordinator for Safe Kids Alabama at Children’s of Alabama, said.

Crew recommends once your child is 30 pounds, check your car seat’s weight to see if it is time to stop using the LATCH method.

If you would like help securing your car seat with a seat belt, you can call Children’s of Alabama at 1-800-504-0768 and someone will professionally install your car seat for you.

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