One Class at a Time: Fultondale Elementary

FULTONDALE, Ala. (WIAT) — Technology continues to take on a greater role in our everyday lives. Nowhere is that more evident than in how we educate our children. First grade teacher Caitlin Hollis is always helping her students find the right combination at Fultondale elementary.  Since, these kids were born into the video game generation, one combination that usually works is:  learning through something visual.

“My students love the fact that I implement the Promethean Board every day in lessons.  We do reading with that, we do math with that.  They get free time to play and explore on it.  And I think they respond very well.” – Caitlin Hollis, Teacher

Her first grade students should respond even better now that Mrs. Hollis has been presented with a $1000 grant. This week’s One Class at a Time winner says, funding is key just to keep up with the state’s basic requirements.

“This is going to help me get computer software that they can use for math and reading.  Because what I have now is very outdated for the new common core standards and everything else that they’ve come up with this year.” – Caitlin Hollis, Teacher

Mrs. Hollis says her students really thrive when they’re using the hands on or touch screen technology like this Promethean board. That’s why the One Class at a Time grant money will really come in handy.

“I have two working computers and then all I have is the Promethean board.  So, bringing in more technology would make them more technology ready for the 21st century and everything else.” – Caitlin Hollis, Teacher

CBS42’s co-sponsors for the One Class At A Time project are Pepsi and America’s First Financial. To apply, click here.

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