Traffic stop leads to arrest of alleged purse snatcher

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — For most women, seeing so many purses in one place would be a dream, but this time, it’s more like a woman’s worst nightmare.Steven Forman

“We were able to match those purses up to some vehicle break-ins,” says Chuck Hagler, Hueytown’s Chief of Police. A traffic stop led to police nabbing Steven Forman, not only for outstanding warrants, but Forman admitted to a string of car break-ins in the Hueytown area. He also admitted to car break-ins in eight other cities where he stole purses.

Chief Chuck Hagler, Hueytown Police“To try to figure out why criminals do what criminals do, if I could do that I could be a rich man but I think probably the driving force here was if not his heroin addiction, it was the fundamental, it’s easier to steal than work.” –Chief Chuck Hagler, Hueytown Police

While you can’t control what criminals do, you can control what you do. Most of the purses Forman stole were from locked cars in church parking lots. If you must leave your purse in the car, put in the trunk, under the seat, or in the back covered up.

After taking the valuables inside, police say Forman planned to sell the purses themselves for drug money. Police accuse Steven Forman of stealing purses out of cars in Hueytown, Mountain Brook, Homewood, Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Pelham, McCalla, and areas off Highway 280.

Copyright 2014 WIAT-CBS42

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