Residents taking clean-up initiatives into their own hands

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Community pride is growing in Jefferson County despite budget cuts, which have impacted county services. Among the services impacted, roadside trash removal, but that isn’t stopping neighbors from rolling up their sleeves to ensure their communities are clean.

Teri Lott moved into the first home in Cotswold North seven years ago. She says this development is a source of pride for homeowners, but the road leading up to it has become a dumping ground for litter bugs. She’s one of 30 people cleaning up a three mile stretch of road. Within just a few hours literally tons of trash has been collected.

Organizers at the Cotswold’s subdivision hope their next cleanup in the fall will bring out at least sixty volunteers. Jefferson County Manager Tony Petelos is encouraging these community clean-up days since budget cuts have eliminated litter cleanup by the county.

Lott says she hopes people driving by will see the clean-up and think twice about throwing out their trash as they cruise through the neighborhood.

Last week, 200 volunteers held a community clean-up day in Oak Grove and collected six tons of litter.

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