Pothole Patrol: Lipscomb

Lipscomb potholes

LIPSCOMB, Ala. (WIAT) – We asked you to tell us about any potholes that are driving you crazy on your commute, and you did! The “Pothole Patrol” traveled to Lipscomb to check out a widespread problem after one of our viewers reached out to us.

The major issues are on the back and side roads, including Avenue O which is a dead-end street. A temporary filler product was put in the potholes, but due to wear-and-tear, the filler didn’t last. The road is uneven and difficult to drive through.

55th Street at Jefferson Avenue is another problem area. There has been ongoing construction nearby and it’s left the road deteriorated. A temporary filler has been placed in these holes as well, but never lasts due to constant traffic and weather.

56th Street is an old worn-out back road where traffic was detoured during that construction. The potholes were already bad, but now they’re even worse!

If you know of any potholes, we want to hear about it! Take a picture, tell us where it is and send it to reportit@cbs42.com.

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