Fire wrecks Birmingham Recycling & Recovery plant

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A recycling center in Avondale won’t be able to operate for several weeks after their entire warehouse full of paper and plastic caught fire around midnight Thursday throughout the morning.

Birmingham Recycling and Recovery employees saw flashing lights and smoke surrounding the building as they got to work Thursday. “I just smelled smoke but I didn’t know what it was.” Birmingham Recycling and Recovery employee Corey Craig said.

Firefighters battled a massive fire inside the building. The recycling center is packed with paper, cardboard, and plastic. The materials were stacked in tight and reached the ceiling which made fighting the fire very difficult. “It’s a pretty big challenge because we put it out and it flares back up,” Batallion Chief Eric Smith said.

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Firefighters worked from midnight until after 8 AM when another shift came on to relieve them. “Well it takes a big toll on the firefighters because it’s very strenuous work so anytime we have something like this we need a lot of man power,” Chief Smith said. Firefighters brought in front loaders to help clear the trash out of the building so they could get to the flames easier. They will have to remove all of the trash from the building.

So far, they do not have a cause for the fire. No one was hurt. A manager on scene told us they hadn’t looked inside yet but expected they would not be able to operate for at least two weeks. They said they did know a lot of their equipment and all of their recycled materials were destroyed.



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