Walker County officials want security upgrades for courthouse

WALKER COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Walker County’s Courthouse is one of the least secure government buildings in the state, with only one bailiff to cover five courtrooms, four days a week. The courthouse includes an annex without any metal detectors or cameras. Last January a man went into the Circuit Clerk’s office threatening to kill his ex-wife and several other people. Another incident included a woman getting caught sneaking a 45 caliber gun into a courtroom.

Walker County Circuit Clerk Susan Odom wants to see some sign of security installed at this courthouse before someone gets hurt. She says “We’re not safe we’re just sitting here we’re open.” Odom says many times she has feared for her life. District Court Judge Henry Allred has had five death threats in five years. He too carries a gun. There are currently eight entrances into the courthouse, several of the judges agree there needs to be one access point with a metal detector and armed guards.

Both Odom and Allred say this is the world we live in, and until changes are made, both will remain armed. Odom says if the county commission can’t find the money, the state or other governmental agencies should intervene to get the proper security measures into place to bring the courthouse up to code for both the workers and public’s safety.

Copyright 2014 WIAT-CBS42

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