Woods fire threatens homes, cars

Bagley, Ala (WIAT) — Dry brush,  strong winds and a trash fire made for a dangerous combination in Bagley today. That fire quickly got out of control threatening several homes and cars.

“It got within about twenty yards of my property,” said Jerry Stone. “If it had gotten into the undergrowth it would have taken off like gas.”

That’s when he called 9-1-1 and other residents grabbed hoses in an attempt to hold back the flames until the fire department arrived.

“It was really bad,” said Stone. “I mean you couldn’t hardly see it was so bad.”

And those flames from an out of control trash fire moved fast, consuming everything in their path.

Once on scene, fire fighters used chainsaws to rip through brush, removing fuel to keep the still smoldering woods from re-igniting.

“We’re going to take our dozer and plow a line around it,” said Albert Mayo of the Alabama Forestry Service. “Basically remove the fuel from the fire and it cant go anywhere at that time. I don’t see a lot of active fire at this time but we’re going to put a fire break around it to prevent another break out, what we call a breakout to let the fire get away again.”

Fire officials believe the scorched area extends several hundred yards wide by several hundred yards deep. They say the flames moved quite quickly not just because of the fuel but also the wind.

When the wind is blowing hard the fire makes runs up hills and across flat places,” says Mayo.

Fire crews say with rain in the forecast mother nature may give them a helping hand in snuffing out the last bits of this fire. But they still want to remind everyone that rain or not conditions are still very dry and it’s still very dangerous to burn outdoors.

2014 WIAT CBS 42

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