Cancer is cruel… especially if you are young

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – It’s hard to put a face on Cancer… that’s because it’s a disease that strikes without discrimination.

It’s a disease that will attack the newly born and those in the twilight of life.

But it’s those in the middle that can have the hardest time getting the their heads around what a Cancer diagnosis really means.

Those who are between the ages of 15 and 39 are setting the foundation for their lives to come. Maybe it’s trying to finish high school, or head to college, getting married or preparing their own children to make their way in the world.

But when you fight Cancer during these years those plans are disrupted… sometimes for years at a time. And that can make the future seem bleak.

That’s why each year UAB Hospital holds the “Young Survivors Conference.” It’s a chance to put young people who are fighting cancer today into the same room as those who fought the same battle in the past. It’s a chance to offer hope to those who need it… a shoulder to cry on… and a smile to share.

You can learn more about the event by clicking here.



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