New reports of damaged windshields on Red Mtn. Expressway

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — We’re hearing more reports of windshields and windows being damaged in Birmingham.

All of the reports come from the Red Mountain Expressway.

For a little over a week Auto Glass Now in Birmingham has been getting a lot of very unusual complaints with similar details stemming from incidents on U.S. 31/280, according to an employee.

“We’ve seen a lot of customers coming in just with a lot of damages of something being thrown over on top of their car damaging windshields,” said Juliet Porter, Auto Glass Now employee. “It’s probably been at least 6 or 7 that we’ve had this week.”

“All of them just basically damages that were done to them as they were driving under the overpass of Highland Avenue, whether it’s bricks or cinder blocks, something is being thrown,” said Porter.

“You can tell when something’s literally been thrown. It tends to kind of cave into the windshield where you can actually feel the damages from the inside of the glass. Any time you get a rock chip or something like that that’s actually going to be just damage to the outside of the windshield.”

Susan and Robert Scott said it happened to them while they were passing through Birmingham on Red Mountain Expressway Friday night.

“[U.S. Highway 31]/280 just going down the road and all of a sudden something hits our front windshield, and then we pulled over as soon as we can and we realize our back windshield was completely shattered and the rear passenger side is gone as well,” said Susan Scott.  “It happened so fast that we’re just thankful to be alive.”

“It was from a side road and lobbed the cinder block from the side of the highway in front of our car there was no time to react,” said Robert Scott. “We pulled over and gathered our wits and realized, somebody attacked us you know and they could still be out there so we, we got off the highway and called the cops.”

Robert Scott said he just caught a glimpse of a piece of cinder block coming from the side of the road, but he couldn’t see who or what might have been to blame.

“The police said something about paint ball, frozen paint balls, being shot at cars or marbles and then an incident where people are throwing bricks at the front of your car so I think we just may possibly get hit by a magnitude of items,” said Susan Scott.

There’s been no word of any arrests related to these incidents.

Birmingham police tell us they only know of one call about an object striking a car from Friday night in the area. It may be that some people chose not to involve police for whatever reason, but investigators say anyone who believes someone intentionally hit their car with an object that caused damage should report it.

2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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