Family reacts to passage of Carly’s Law

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WIAT) — Images of seizing children can be tough for anyone, especially for a parent to watch. But its believed those pictures, coupled with pleas from desperate mothers and fathers, are what pushed Alabama lawmakers into action.

CBS 42 has been covering the story of Carly’s Law and the Chandler family’s struggle since early last year. At one point the Chandlers thought they might have to move to get Carly the necessary treatment for her seizures. But after today, everything is changing. In a surprising early morning vote, the house passed a controversial bill for a medical treatment derived from marijuana.

“This is not a red or blue issue,” claimed Dustin Chandler in an interview last November. “This is a parents issue. This is a compassionate issue.”

That was when the fight for Carly’s law was heating up. A month before that we caught up with him at Skydive Cullman where he took to the skies to raise awareness about his daughters condition which produces horrific seizures for the toddler.

“It’s about four minutes from the time we jump out of a plane to the time we hit the ground,” says Chandler. “But the adrenaline we get from helping parents is a lifetime. And helping these kids and finding a cure, it’s a lifetime of adrenaline just to know we helped.”

Today it was mission accomplished for this Pelham cop and dad as the House approved Carly’s Law in a unanimous 97 – 0 vote at 2 a.m.

“It was shock and happiness and humbleness, all in one feeling this morning,” claims the proud father.

Hours later the senate approved it

“It’s a surreal feeling to know you were, at first, as I walked into the houses in montgomery and laughed at,” says Chandler. “to now we’re able to pass the bill and waiting on the governors signature.”

The bill allows for the funding of a study of an oil derivative of marijuana called Cannabidol to be conducted at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Its been said to help reduce seizures in patients like Carly without the side effects of getting high. Carly’s dad just hopes this bill will pave the way for thousands of Alabamians suffering like his daughter.

CBS 42 spoke with officials at UAB today and they are looking forward to this study but say it will be regulated by the FDA and the DEA. However Carly’s parents hope they will have access to the drug later this year.

WIAT CBS 42 2014

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