Walker County jail poses safety concerns

WALKER COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Jail break in Walker County is leading to a call for action by jailers and finger pointing by a County Chairman.

Walker County’s jail administrator says he’s dealing with an emergency situation that’s dangerous for workers and the public.

Wednesday night two inmates escaped from the jail but were caught within a few minutes inside the fenced in area outside the facility.

The jailer is asking county leaders for help.

Out of the 240 inmates who spend their days in the cells, one is serving time for killing his own son.

There’s also  a dorm full of sex offenders.

Jail administrator Trent McCluskey says any one of them could be roaming the halls right now.

The prisoners have learned to pick all of the locks at the Walker County Jail.

Four months ago, an officer was attacked, and with this latest escape, McCluskey says security measures must improve immediately.

Walker county Chairman Billy Luster puts the blame on the lack of security directly on Sheriff John Mark Tirey. He says Tirey has the money to get the security problems fixed, but doesn’t understand why it’s not getting done.

Meanwhile, McCluskey says this escape inside the complex was not his worst nightmare . Rather, what he fears most is inmates getting past the razor wire fence and hurting someone.

2014 WIAT-TV CBS42

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